Puppet Shows
Linda Sigismondi

I. Hand Puppets

The majority of my shows use hand puppets which fit over the puppeteer’s hand like a glove and are operated from behind a stage (though sometimes they make appearances up front as well). Most shows are a combination of several stories so shows can be adjusted in length to fit the venue.

Punch and Judy


This is a version of the classic slapstick comedy once common on the beaches of Britain. Meet Mr. Punch and follow his escapades with his wife, Judy, their baby, and other characters including a doctor, constable and maybe even a crocodile or the devil himself. This version is suitable for families but follows the spirit of the original shows. (A more violent traditional version can be booked for adult private parties.) The stage and all puppets in this show were made by Linda.

Br’er Rabbit Stories


This show consists of short stories about the trickster, Br’er Rabbit, and his encounters with Br’er Fox and other critters. They are based on the southern Uncle Remus. Stories include

  • Rabbit and Fox and the Riding Horse – Br’er Rabbit gets Br’er Fox to give him a ride.
  • Br’er Fox Plays House – Br’er Fox hides in Br’er Rabbit’s house to catch him.
  • Br’er Fox’s (Not So) Great Idea – Br’er Fox plays dead to catch Br’er Rabbit
  • Only Two Hops – Cricket races Br’er Rabbit.

Native American


This show is the story of a little Native American boy and how the first Native American Flute was formed. Many puppets in this show are hand-made.

Halloween/Wizard Shows


This show is a combination of one or more short stories about getting ready for Halloween. Stories include:

  • The Halloween Costume – a boy and girl get their costumes ready for Halloween but are in for a surprise!
  • Ruby’s Stew – A witch gets stew ready for a Halloween party but a bit of wizardry gets in the mix.
  • Witch Gets Ready – Witch’s magic broom is acting up and turning into surprises.

Christmas Shows


This show is a combination of one or more short stories about Santa. Stories include:

  • Santa’s Reindeer – Watch animals audition for the job of pulling Santa’s sleigh.
  • The Christmas Stocking – Markey the Monkey gets a little greedy this Christmas.
  • (Santa’s Workshop – see Czech marionettes)

Circus Shows


This show is a combination of one or more short stories about clowns and other circus characters. It is suitable for birthday parties. Stories include:

  • Happy the Clown’s New Job – A clown gets reassigned as a lion tamer.
  • Elephant’s Sneeze – Elephant wants to audition for the circus but can’t stop sneezing.
  • The Magic Cat Play – Bunny convinces Elephant that a cat is magic. Who gets the last laugh?

Environmental Shows

This is an area that I plan to expand. I currently have two short stories that can be combined into one hand puppet show. I also have a shadow puppet show in this area.

  • Compost Challenge – Lesson about how not all trash is trash.
  • Endangered Species – A bald eagle learns what it means to be endangered.
  • (The Sea Turtle and the Straw– see shadow puppets)

St. Patrick’s Day


This is a short show about a frog trying to find “The Luck of the Irish”.

II. Treasure Chest Czech Marionettes

Czech Marionettes are string puppets that can be manipulated one-handed. The stage is a treasure chest with pop-up book scenery. I currently have 2 shows and plan more.


  • Abigail and the Dragon – The story of a little girl who befriends a dragon.
  • Filling Santa’s Shop – Santa holds a competition to find a successor.

III. Shadow Puppets


Shadow puppets are 2-dimensional images played on a screen that is lit from behind. I currently have a few shows in this area:

  • Billy Goats Gruff – The classic tale of three billy goats and their encounters with a troll on a bridge.
  • The Night Before Christmas – Traditional story of Santa’s visit to a home.
  • The Sea Turtle and the Straw – This is an original show created to illustrate the dangers of plastic pollution to sea life. It was created and performed at the 2017 National Puppetry Convention.

IV. Scarf Puppets

orange lady marionettewitch marionetteskeleton marionette

These are flowing marionettes that can dance to a variety of music. I currently have an elegant lady, a witch and a skeleton. Hope to add more soon.

Puppet Workshops
Linda Sigismondi

Workshops to make and use puppets can be done in conjunction with puppet shows or as separate activities. Here are some examples of puppets that can be made in workshops.

Paper Bag Puppets – Participants color and cut out puppet parts to paste to a paper bag to making a hand puppet. A large variety of puppets are available. Estimated time: 20 minutes

bag puppet

Spoon Puppets – Rod puppets can be made with wooden spoons (as well as other kitchen utensils) and some fabric, eyes, feathers and such. Estimated time: 1 hour.


Pool Noodle Puppet – a rod puppet made with a pool noodle, paint stick, fabric and other craft supplies. Estimated time: 15-20 minutes


Sock Puppet – a hand puppet made from a sock, some felt and other craft supplies. Estimated time: 15 minutes


Scarf Puppet - a marionette made from lightweight material and wooden balls for hands and feet. Though simple, these can produce beautiful movements. Estimate time: 1 hour


Last Updated: June 26. 2018